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Why IntelliSpring?

We know how to build software:

  • We are world-class experts. Our company leaders are software engineering experts, with extensive experience working for companies like Microsoft on high-class software products (X-Box, MS Windows Azure, MS Visual Studio, etc.)
  • We have over 10 years of experience. IntelliSpring has been in operation since 2005, but some of our developers have 10+ years of professional experience.
  • We use the best technologies and practices. Software engineering is an ever-changing field. We are committed to keeping up with the most modern technologies and practices.
  • We are intelligent. All of our staff has the equivalent of Doctorate or Master Degree in Computer Science, Math, or a related field.
  • We are willing to improve.

See Our Team, Technologies for more details.

We know how to significantly reduce costs:

  • We outsource. We use our contacts in Eastern Europe to utilize less expensive resources to outsource all your time and resource consuming tasks.
  • We are agile. Our processes are flexible and all priorities are specified by our clients.
  • We work with iterations. We work on large projects with small iterations to minimize risks and expenses.
  • We are experienced. We have a history of successful work with small budgets and short resources.

See Our Team, How We Work, Portfolio for more details.

Why not just to outsource?

IT outsourcing is a successful business tool used by thousands of companies to reduce their IT costs. We also use global resources to reduce your costs, but we can offer you even more, because:

  • We are an official US company. Most outsourcing companies are not, so with us you have all the legal protection possible.
  • We are close. Our main office is in Seattle Area, WA, so we are in the same time zone and on the same continent as our customers.
  • We provide effective communication methods. With most outsourcing companies, it's difficult to avoid communication issues because of language barriers, cultural diversity, and long distances. We do all the communicating with our remote resources for you to protect you from these issues.
  • We use our network to outsource. It's not easy to find a good company to outsource your project to. We use our contacts in Eastern Europe to hire only the best professionals for you.

See How We Work, Our Team for more details.