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We work with an extremely wide range of technologies and platforms, so if our customer has already chosen a particular technology, there is a high probability that we are familiar with it. However, there is a narrow set of technologies that we recommend to our customers. We recommend technologies/platforms that:

  • Are mature: have a history of success, are supported and widely used, have future potential
  • Ideally fit customer's needs: best choice for the project, allow us to minimize customer's expenses
  • We are experts in

Based on the criteria above we usually recommend:

Web Projects:

  • xHTML, CSS
  • JavaScript, Ajax, Silverlight

Desktop Applications:

  • .Net Windows Forms, WPF
  • VC++, MFC

Distributed Solutions:

  • SOAP, XML Web services
  • .Net/C#, WCF, ADO.NET
  • Cloud Computing, MS Windows Azure

Database Systems:

  • MS SQL Server, SQL Azure
  • MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • MS Access, SQLite