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IntelliSpring offers software development services throughout the full application development lifecycle, from requirements gathering to system deployment and support.

With professional architects, project managers, developers and testers on board, IntelliSpring can engage at any stage of a project, whether you only have an idea for your future product or have already started development. IntelliSpring has the skills and experience necessary to develop customized applications for any company. We adjust our development process to integrate with our customer’s processes and the project's specifics.

We work with two main engagement models:

  • Time Based: usually used when the customer needs to temporarily extend an existing team with additional consultants or engineers, to either increase the productivity of the team or bring in a specialist with specific skills to perform a particular task. Another case where this model is useful is when the customer has a constant flow of tasks which can't be planned in advance. An example of this would be during third-level support of IT solutions, when tasks are only coming up from time to time and it is not reasonable to keep the team permanently. IntelliSpring has a pool of consultants and engineers who can perform these tasks. We can also use our uniquely efficient technologies to search, select, and involve other specialists in the process. And IntelliSpring doesn't just "bring" the resource to the customer and walk away. During the whole process, an on-site company specialist serves as a proxy product owner between the customer and development team. This on-site technical expert also carefully supervises the activities of the staff, to keep the customer safe and satisfied with the quality of service. This includes not just reporting, but also any additional QA and technical assistance required by the involved specialists to help them in their work.
  • Project Based: working on a specific software development task, whether it is a new solution development, re-engineering or migration task, solution improvement, or customization. The main distinctive feature of this type of service is that the contract has a time frame or fixed budget. A project based approach usually implies a fixed cost for the project.

Additionally, dedicated teams and developments centers are very efficient in certain situations. The main difference in this cooperation model approach is that the team usually closely follows the client's existing practices, methodologies, and culture, so the customer can be sure that all the work completed by the dedicated team is similar in process to the approach he already uses on-site. The service provider is mostly focused on team building, team monitoring, managing the customer's and employee's expectations, and managing personnel related risks. And in most cases, the customer is managing the projects performed by the team using its own management staff. With this model, IntelliSpring uses our unique network of contacts in Eastern Europe to build a remote team of top-range experts to fit the client's technical requirements and budget. IntelliSpring also has partners capable of setting up an off-site development center for you.