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How We Work

IntelliSpring offers software development services throughout the full application development lifecycle, which usually includes:

  • Requirements gathering: Our analyst works with the customer to define the application’s high level requirements. At this stage, business requirements are prioritized and detailed.
  • Architecture design: At this stage, we choose the most suitable technologies for the project's implementation and develop the technical vision of the system's implementation.
  • Prototyping: This is used for demonstrating and validating the system requirements and technical decisions. Prototyping helps customers and developers understand the requirements for the system and exposes misunderstandings between software users and developers.
  • Development: Here, design is being transformed into a physical system by building the code and databases using the selected architectural approach and technologies under an appropriate management process.
  • Testing: The testing team participates from the early stages of development, and now begins the test planning and test case development. They will also continue using various sets of tests depending on the project requirements, which may include functional testing, UI testing, performance/load/stress testing, installation and deployment testing, acceptance testing, etc.
  • Delivery and deployment: This phase incorporates the installation system in the actual work environment, configuration, data migration and data load. Also at this stage, the technical and user documentation is prepared, as well as user training and knowledge transfer.
  • Maintenance and support: We will keep the system up to date and ensure it meets the project goals.

Depending on project conditions and requirements, either all of the above stages can be completed by us, or you can specifically request we do only some of them, like requirements gathering or architecture development or application testing or support services, and so on.

To seamlessly connect our software development processes with the customer’s, and to cover possible deviations from standard processes we at IntelliSpring use agile methods.

Custom software development is usually performed by IntelliSpring’s offsite development team, led by the project manager who works in tight collaboration with customer. All development practices and code quality are strictly controlled by our on-site technical expert to make sure we provide a world-class product.